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When You’re Craving Mediterranean Food, Pita Jungle Can’t Be Beat!

Posted: Wednesday, February 3, 2016

By Pita Jungle

What’s for dinner tonight? If you have a thirst for Mediterranean food in Tucson, Pita Jungle is your heavenly oasis! It’s fun to change it up once in awhile and try fun and interesting restaurants with lots of delicious choices. Pita Jungle prepares the kind of healthy, fresh, ‘from scratch’ Mediterranean food Tucson residents are willing to wait in line for! Our menu is steeped in the culinary traditions of the Mediterranean; flavorful blends of aromatic herbs and spices fused with a touch of modern flair.

Our goal at Pita Jungle is to perfect the ‘Art of Eating Healthy®’ by balancing lots of ingredients that offer a winning combination of both flavor and nutrition in the Mediterranean food Tucson folks have come to know and love. Like the Mediterranean, Pita Jungle fare is warm, sunny and light – it doesn’t weigh you down! Our meat and fish dishes are grilled, broiled, or roasted, not fried in heavy oils, like our broiled Philly Steak or Marinated Chicken, Broiled Fish Sandwich, and Wood-Fired Salmon Salad. We’ve also got lots of vegetarian choices like our Chipotle Black Bean Burger, Grilled Portobello, Falafel, and veggie Lavosh Pizzas.

Check our main page for Pita Jungle locations near you in Arizona and California and taste the delicious Mediterranean food Tucson is talking about!

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