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4921 E. Ray Rd.
Ste B2
Phoenix, AZ 85044

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Footprints all along the beaten trails, Dusk on the hill it's all serene. Up from the peaks a scene unveils, Ten hundred thousand houses of dreams, Weave their warm beaming lights, Into a soothing hopeful gleam. "Land on the other side of the hill", Is where we took our Jungle dream, And wished for the people from within, Delicious treats and health a stream.


Joshua J. Kornexl
Joshua J Kornexl is a veteran of the armed services and currently teaches English Language Arts at Andersen Junior High School in Chandler, Arizona. The literary influences can be seen in many of his paintings which include references to authors such as Hunter S. Thompson and Jack Kerouac as well as other artists like Frida Kahlo. 
The artist believes that the subjective experience is something that anyone can do - not scientific, objective observations but inner, subjective ones, and like the artist Franz Marc and the other colorism artistsí he subscribes to the idea that maleness, spirituality, wisdom and depth are represented in the colors blue, femininity and sensuality in yellow, and terrestrial materiality to red.