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4921 E. Ray Rd.
Ste B2
Phoenix, AZ 85044

7 Days a Week

Footprints all along the beaten trails,
Dusk on the hill it's all serene.
Up from the peaks a scene unveils,
Ten hundred thousand houses of dreams,
Weave their warm beaming lights,
Into a soothing hopeful gleam.
"Land on the other side of the hill",
Is where we took our Jungle dream,
And wished for the people from within,
Delicious treats and health a stream.


Steph Martini
Hi Lovelies! Iím Steph Levine Martini. I am an extremely proud mother of 3 fabulous adult children. I consider myself an Intuitive Artist. As a Visual Life/Business Coach, I use art to literally draw out people's dreams and goals as well as whimsically map out strategic visioning and planning. That led me to start loving using an even more free flowing vibe while experimenting with acrylics and spray paint in creating fun moving pieces with many layers of stories. Each piece always takes on a life of its own.  I believe we get to practice being the Master of our own peace moment to moment and choose to create a masterpiece out of every day literally and metaphorically. Please enjoy !
If you're inspired to own any of my pieces, please reach out to me at
MasterPeace Coaching and Consulting.<>