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4921 E. Ray Rd.
Ste B2
Phoenix, AZ 85044

7 Days a Week

Footprints all along the beaten trails,
Dusk on the hill it's all serene.
Up from the peaks a scene unveils,
Ten hundred thousand houses of dreams,
Weave their warm beaming lights,
Into a soothing hopeful gleam.
"Land on the other side of the hill",
Is where we took our Jungle dream,
And wished for the people from within,
Delicious treats and health a stream.



Born in the mountains of Pennsylvania and spending the first 30 years of life in the north east,  I recall that existence as primarily “Gray” for many reasons.  I have been making my world full of color since I can remember through my creating and painting.  I map the phases of my life through colors and creations.  I spent my time as a young girl always painting.  Some memories include painted jean jackets with rock n' roll album covers and dreaming up or creating our beloved highschool mascot.  Continuing on in college, I earned much needed money by painting murals on the sides of buildings and dorms.  In my twenties, I painted murals for hotels.  I then followed the next phase of my life painting and creating through the eyes and lives of my children. My paintbrush has always been an extension of me.  
My painting style is energy released that produces the style of my paintings.  I paint fast and furious and without hesitation.  When I approach the many different surfaces I paint, I typically have some sense where I am going.  But it is only when I pick up the paint brush and begin expressing with color that I can understand what will be revealed. In a place where there is no time and space,  I paint with feeling and move rhythmically. Many times I am inspired before and  many times I have no idea what may be revealed. The colors present themselves without hesitation.  In the end, I come back to see what transpired and I am always surprised what has been revealed.  
Color is my expression.   
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