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4340 E. Indian School Rd.
Ste 17
Phoenix, AZ 85018

7 Days a Week

Upper Arcadia. Lower Arcadia. Desert Arcadia. It seems like everyone in Phoenix wants a piece of the trendiest neighborhood in town. Technically, we're not in Arcadia, either. But we're pretty close. And it sure sounds good, doesn't it?


Dafni Milan
Dafni Milan has been creating art her whole life. She grew up surrounded by creativity in a family of artists. Her parents started an art school when she was a kid, where she was given the opportunity to explore her talents and passion for art uninhibited. Dafni is passionate about experiencing freedom. She is a strong believer in individualism and staying true to oneself, even if it means going against societal norms. She incorporates this in her art through the combination of wild and expressive mixed media and oil painting techniques she uses. Her art displays both peace and chaos and the freedom that comes in that balance. If you wish to purchase any of the artwork or if you have any questions about the paintings, contact Dafni via email at