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4340 E. Indian School Rd.
Ste 17
Phoenix, AZ 85018

7 Days a Week

Upper Arcadia. Lower Arcadia. Desert Arcadia. It seems like everyone in Phoenix wants a piece of the trendiest neighborhood in town. Technically, we're not in Arcadia, either. But we're pretty close. And it sure sounds good, doesn't it?


Dawn Pratt

My name is Dawn Pratt and I'm a local Mesa artist, all of my pieces are made with acrylic paint with different oil additives.  I love experimenting with different types of additives that make chemical reactions in paint to bring out as many bubbles and cells as I can. I'm inspired by everything around me and I enjoy painting in the brightest colors possible.  I love painting with friends and kids and I really believe everyone is born an artist, we all need to take more time to play.  You can follow my art on Instagram at Dawning_Art

Dawn Pratt, Dawning Art