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1949 W. Ray Rd.
Ste 102
Chandler, AZ 85224

7 Days a Week
11am - 9pm

Situated on the banks of Andersen Springs, we like ot think our Pita Jungle in Chandler is our Arizona riviera spot! We like CHandler a lot, because they used to grow lots of fresh vegetables. Now there are lots of people who need to eat fresh vegetables and they can indulge here to the tune of the longest open mic jazz venue in Arizona, on Thursday night... every night... on and on... it's been 20 years!


Gabriella Fanelli, a.k.a. Gibby, is a 17-year-old self taught artist, born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona. Recently graduated from Metropolitan Arts High School, and is continuing on to explore a higher education in the arts. She has been drawing her whole life and recently picked up painting. Ever since, she has been experimenting with different mediums. Life and color inspire her the most, but she can draw inspiration from anything that brings her emotion or vision.
For more information contact Gibby at or Instagram @6ibbys6allery.