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1949 W. Ray Rd.
Ste 102
Chandler, AZ 85224

7 Days a Week
11am - 8pm

Situated on the banks of Andersen Springs, we like ot think our Pita Jungle in Chandler is our Arizona riviera spot! We like CHandler a lot, because they used to grow lots of fresh vegetables. Now there are lots of people who need to eat fresh vegetables and they can indulge here to the tune of the longest open mic jazz venue in Arizona, on Thursday night... every night... on and on... it's been 20 years!


Jacques Esclapez

Independent artist, portaitist in love with "clair-obsur" but also a specator of the world, for whom photography is not a way of claiming but an artistic testimony. Jacques splits his time between France and Arizona. 480-228-3186

Carved Nation

Carved Nation was formed by two brothers, James Kitchell and Ryan Kitchell. Combining James' engineering background with Ryan's artistic drive, their vast personality differences and visions often clash, but that struggle can be seen in and lends itself to the work. James is always pushing for order, perfection, efficiency, and structural integrity - while Ryan fights for freedom, messiness, and experimentation. The final products are reflective of that tension. Today you can find the Kitchell brothers combining construction sites, back alleyways, and abandoned buildings to reclaim materials to use in their pieces. Their preferred media is fence posts, pallet wood, stains, and various types of paint. Most of their art focuses on adding wooden, rustic twists to themes such as sci-fi, music, film and television, celebrity figures, and political boundaries. The majority of their time is spent filling custom orders which they are happy to do for you too!

You can find examples of Carved Nation's work by visiting:


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