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Mesa - Southern & Dobson

1850 W. Southern Ave.
Mesa, AZ 85202

7 Days a week
11am - 9pm

Mesa means table, which makes it a great place to eat. Mesa is also home to lots of cool things like the Chicago Cubs during Spring Training, alternative band Jimmy Eat World, and the water park featured in Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure. And now it's home to us, too! So please come on by for a good meal. We'll do our best to have one of our 34 mesas available for you.


Colette is a graduate of Kendall College of Art & Design in Grand Rapids, MI. She moved to Arizona in 2015 and began a series of paintings called Conversation Pieces. These artworks are based on actual conversations, or deep thoughts concerning current events, that have been expressed abstractly through color and lines.  She is also a photographer, poet, and silversmith. Colette loves cats, birds, and spending quality time in nature.
You can find her on Instagram @artistcg and @nakedrebeljewelry
Her website is Colette.Love
Contact Info:
IG: @artistcg