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Scottsdale - Shea

7366 E. Shea Blvd.
Ste 105
Scottsdale, AZ 85260

7 Days a Week
Daily 11am-9pm

100 years ago when they called it Orangedale, 100 years before Pita Jungle ever was,
"The West's Most Western Town" wondered what to eat.
We ate beef, we ate trout, it was mighty fine.
But 100 years is a long, long time and food fatigue set in.
Not for long might one say: The cavalry has arrived!
Pita Jungle - a whole new style: Healthy! The Art to Eat.


My art is emotional, my characters have stories, everyone of them has graduated their lessons and now are allowed to be freed back into the universe.
This is their only appearance and my goal is to inspire you like they did to me, to teach you how to draw smiles more often, starting with the one on your face.
My intentions of being vulnerable will be represented through my interviews with the art, and the description of the art work individually where you will get to see a glimpse behind the curtain of why I create.