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Tempe @ Mill

4 E. University Dr.
Tempe, AZ 85281

7 Days a Week

Has it really been that long ago? We were just kids when we opened the original Pita Jungle in 1994. Back then, we noticed that more people were interested in eating healthier, and today we see it even more. Coming to a full circle here is Pita Tempe 2. We restart with a brand new restaurant in Tempe 20 years later - and we are still acting as if we were little kids.


Dani Lynn Fury
Colors are never few in a Fury acrylic painting, handmade mug, or resin shadowbox. Nor are 
layers, for Dani typically works several canvases, shadowboxes, and kiln loads simultaneously, and often with a band practice during her break. Paintings can take an hour or several years.
The resin shadowboxes emulate suspended freedom of movement, with the help of the clear resin pools and organic material immersed between layers of paint and clay.  Her prices and sizes cover every category and situation for the fan and consumer.
Regardless of medium, her art commands attention.
Contact info is 
Dani Lynn Fury
Fury Art on Facebook
@dlfury on Instagram