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Tempe @ Mill

4 E. University Dr.
Tempe, AZ 85281

7 Days a Week

Has it really been that long ago? We were just kids when we opened the original Pita Jungle in 1994. Back then, we noticed that more people were interested in eating healthier, and today we see it even more. Coming to a full circle here is Pita Tempe 2. We restart with a brand new restaurant in Tempe 20 years later - and we are still acting as if we were little kids.


Beth Douros
I’ve recently taken up painting again after walking away from it for many years. Previously I painted murals, created custom wall finishes & repurposed furniture. I then  transitioned to visual merchandising, window display & design consultation.  And now I’m back to painting & really loving the creative process again! I find that I am drawn to minimalism, color & bold black. Please contact me if you should need a custom piece. Thanks for looking! 
Beth Douros
IG tgemoody_universe