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Tempe @ Mill

4 E. University Dr.
Tempe, AZ 85281

7 Days a Week

Has it really been that long ago? We were just kids when we opened the original Pita Jungle in 1994. Back then, we noticed that more people were interested in eating healthier, and today we see it even more. Coming to a full circle here is Pita Tempe 2. We restart with a brand new restaurant in Tempe 20 years later - and we are still acting as if we were little kids.


Melody Peters

Melody’s Originals began as an experiment with two sister-in-laws trying to make a conversation piece for a living room decorating project for a fledgling attorney in Kansas City on an extreme budget. The sister-in-laws scoured the INTERNET for inspiration, found one and got to work. The pair decided to paint their own.
One sister was Skeptical Smurfette and the other was magically made into Melody’s Originals. Melody just knew if she combined that one art appreciation class she took in college, her love of being creative, and her addiction to all things HGTV and TLC she had no way of getting this wrong. Skeptical Smurfette was still hoping the finished project wouldn’t turn out looking like a finger painting. 
Two Hours Later...A beautiful abstract of a forest of love appeared. This 48” wide by 30” high acrylic painting still hangs in the home of that lawyer. It is a celebrated piece of original art. 
Melody’s Originals have continued to grace many residential walls since that beginning in 2007.
“The Onion” original was painted in 2011, during a time of grieving for the loss of a Chocolate Labrador Jessie Girl. Grief comes in layers. Just like the layers of the Onion.
Melody’s Originals bring so much joy to the artist. She hopes that each piece speaks into your story. That it will remind you of a chapter you have lived, are living or will live in your joyous future. You are an immeasurable gem! Live the of joyfull life you deserve! If you are interested in buying a painting from Melody's Originals, or commissioning an original piece of art, please text or call the artist.

Melody Peters