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Uptown Phoenix

5505 N. 7th St.
Ste 110
Phoenix, AZ 85014

7 Days a Week

Forty-some years after the curtain dropped on cinema Park Drive-In, a new production is taking Uptown by a storm; enter the Pita Jungle.
Pull up to a different kind of show, casting awesome foods: hummus, crispy falafels, shawarma and freshly chopped salads... truly gearing up for an award winning performance.


Tara Prescott is more than just a painting. With over ten years of experience, Tara has just barely started to scratch the surface of where she is headed with her art. Starting out as just scribble lines on paper, to detailed canvas work, Tara continues to test the limitless avenues of creativity and self-expression. Since art is life for the artist, learning something new everyday is just as much a part of her work as it is with life.
"Life is definitely a journey. Take this journey with me as I share with you the various places that I've been through my artwork. Artists are sensitive to the vibrations of the world. Each piece of artwork should vibrate from within; an experience, emotion, or a memory. Focus on something that captures your spirit. To fulfill your fine arts needs, choose the image that speaks to you from within."  
Not only do her paintings speak from within, the artist also creates portraits, murals, and commissioned art pieces to make sure all desires are captured. I hope that you are taken by what your eyes, heart, and spirit experience.  
For your interest please email or direct message me on my facebook business page, or instagram, greene_te.