Even Meat Eaters Can't Resist This Vegetarian Restaurant in Flagstaff

Even if you’re accustomed to having meat as a mealtime staple, vegetarian food, for a change, is also great for a protein-filled meal. We’ve got options to satisfy both camps, so if you’re looking for a healthier or lighter lunch or dinner, Pita Jungle is one of the best vegetarian restaurants Flagstaff has to offer.

When it comes to taste, Pita Jungle stands out as one of the best vegetarian restaurants Flagstaff folks can count on for a fresh, delicious meal. Our delicious menu offers a modern twist on Mediterranean cuisine, rich in the region’s aromatic flavorings, that promises to satisfy vegetarians and carnivores alike.

Portobello Mushroom Burger

  • Our Grilled Portobello Mushroom Burger topped with roasted red bell peppers, tomatoes, and onions, for example, may be vegetarian, but it satisfies with every juicy, bite.
  • We’ve got hearty, satiating cold or sizzling salads too like our Spinach Pasta Salad or Falafel Salad.
  • And, whether you’re vegetarian or not, everyone loves a Pita Jungle Wood-Fired Pizza.
  • The Roasted Garlic and Portobello Pizza is a tried and true fan favorite - a thin, crispy lavosh crust with roasted garlic and onions, portobello mushrooms, tomatoes, 3 fresh cheeses of mozzarella, feta & parmigiano reggiano, fresh basil, herbs & kalamata olives

Enjoy a healthy and delicious meal with family and friends in a relaxed, hip environment. Discover the “The Art of Eating Healthy®” at the vegetarian restaurant families love best.

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