Getting Kids to Eat Healthy Doesn't Have to be Hard!

The earlier kids are exposed to healthy foods, the easier it is to get children to eat healthy into their teen years and beyond. Child experts seem to agree that starting early is actually the number one key to teaching children about making healthy food choices. But how can you get your children eating healthy when most of what they see around them and on TV is snack food and candy? How can you get your children eating healthy when the only vegetable they want with every meal is French fries?

Children are inquisitive little beings and generally feel important when they can be involved in activities that their moms or dads are doing. So, if kids can be part of the planning and preparation of meals with their parents, they’re likely to be more invested in eating them. One idea to get your children eating healthy is to bring them with you to the grocery store or farmers market and allow them to pick out some healthy foods, including vegetables or fruits to prepare for lunch or dinner or even snacks. There are easy tasks your kids can do to help like, wash apples, celery and carrots, snap peas out of their pods, mix up healthy dressings or dips, and arrange cut up fruit or vegetables into colorful designs on a plate.

We’re not child rearing experts at Pita Jungle, but what we do know is how to make healthy food delicious – and not just for kids, but for adults too! Our Pita Jungle Kids' Menu offers your kids the opportunity to pick and choose nutrient-packed options from all four food groups, to put together a well-balanced meal. This is not your typical kids meal menu! The colorful menu clearly illustrates how they can choose something from each group, with several healthy options in each group.

Just like brushing their teeth or taking a bath, it’s never too early to start learning good life skills and habits including eating healthy foods. You’re sure to forge ahead on the path to your children eating healthy, the more they are exposed to good, nutritious options, especially at home and at a family-friendly restaurant like Pita Jungle.

Discover "The Art of Eating Healthy®", at a Pita Jungle in your neighborhood today!