It's Easy to Be a Tucson Vegan

If you’re looking for more than just a few diet friendly options, like most advertised vegan restaurants in Tucson, Pita Jungle is the perfect choice. Pita Jungle is a healthy Mediterranean eatery - the answer to a vegan’s quest for the perfect meal.

Mediterranean food is delicious and healthy, but the best part for our vegan customers is that, out of all the vegan restaurants in Tucson, Pita Jungle is one place you won’t have to ask your server to, ‘leave off the cheese’. This is because the most common and popular dishes in Mediterranean cuisine are already naturally vegan! Pita Jungle’s vegan offerings include hummus (a mashed chickpea dip), taboule (a vegetable and wheat salad), falafel (fried chickpea balls) and dolmades (rice stuffed grape leaves).

Pita Jungle is more than vegan friendly with a lengthy list of healthy, vegan approved appetizers, salads, pitas and wraps. Or, try our Veggie Garden Wrap, Spinach Pasta Salad, Grilled Vegetable Salad, or Macro Platter with Rice and Beans.

If you’re looking for vegan restaurants, Tucson is home to 2 Pita Jungle locations - at 5340 E. Broadway Blvd. and 7090 N. Oracle Rd. at Ina. Come discover The Art of Eating Healthy® today!