Why Eat Mediterranean?

The countries that border the shoreline of the Mediterranean Sea all contribute something unique to the essence of Mediterranean cuisine. Italy, Morocco, Greece, Turkey, Spain, Lebanon, Syria and Israel, all abound in culture and culinary history, giving rise to some of the most flavorful and healthy recipes in the world. The main components of Mediterranean meals include whole grains, fresh, vitamin-enriched vegetables, protein-rich legumes, heart-healthy olive oil, fish, and moderate amounts of red meat and wine. Mediterranean meals are a win-win. Their flavors run deep and their health benefits run high. A diet based on eating more Mediterranean meals offers significant health benefits including lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure, lower weight and weight gain.

The hallmark of Mediterranean meals is that they can be prepared very simply, getting their rich flavors from very basic ingredients. Plus, they don’t rely on unhealthy fats, oils or creams for taste. Instead, the savvy seasoning techniques in Mediterranean cuisine take a casual lunch or dinner from basic to breathtaking.

The goal, at Pita Jungle, is to perfect the ‘Art of Eating Healthy’ by balancing flavorful, healthy ingredients in each of our Mediterranean meals. Try our Mediterranean Chicken Salad – tender herbed chicken tossed with fresh vegetables and pine nuts, pairing the sweetness of roasted peppers and golden raisins with the saltiness of feta, in a lemon vinaigrette, for a distinctly Greek flavor. Our Roasted Garlic and Portobello Pizza is more satisfying than the typical kind with a thin, crispy lavosh crust with the robust flavors of roasted garlic, onions, Portobello mushrooms, tomatoes, fresh basil and 3 kinds of cheese.

Experience the flavors of Pita Jungle’s Mediterranean meals at one of our Arizona locations and discover the Art of Eating Healthy today!

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