Pita Jungle and the Mediterranean Way of Eating

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Diet. It's a word loaded with unpleasant associations akin to deprivation and restrictions. Pita Jungle is championing the Mediterranean Way of Eating, a style of eating for subsistence that is hinged upon epicurean delights with all the health benefits and void of all the discomfort that usually comes with structured dieting.

Today's Mediterranean diet resulted from thousands of years of human civilization within geography basking in mild climates where the opportunity to grow and harvest various products is relatively easy. Throw in the mix of human taste and ingenuity, an excellent blend of ingredients, and a few thousand years of creative experimentation, you get a collection of cuisines loosely termed the Mediterranean, characterized by fresh, nutritious ingredients, variety, and delicious taste. 


The Mediterranean Way of Eating is Closer Than You Think

Unlike a few decades ago, most people are within a short distance from vibrant markets that display a wide variety of the world's highest-quality foods. With the advent of modern transport and technology, harsh climatic conditions can no longer preclude us from adhering to healthy balanced eating. Fresh produce and vibrant fruits are widely available to dwellers in the extreme northern winters as well as those that endure southern arid dry summers. Eating what is optimal for our subsistence is no longer imposed upon us by harsh environmental conditions; it has become a matter of lifestyle. More than ever, it has become a personal choice to embark on a culinary trek that stretches the sound functioning of our physiological systems into longer, fuller and happier lives.


Pita Jungle and the Mediterranean Way of Eating

We interpret the Mediterranean diet as a balanced approach in cooking techniques that preserve ingredients' integrity for optimal nutrients. When asked to describe our Pita Jungle cuisine, we like to say we subscribe to a faithful adherence to the Mediterranean diet: a balancing act of fresh ingredients and quantities consumed. Our chefs create delicious, healthful concoctions from within and without the stereotypical Mediterranean menu, allowing us to present dishes with global flairs, like Southwest American, Mexican, or Pan-Asian. We build plant-based meals of vegetables, whole grains, legumes, fruits, nuts, seeds, herbs, olive oil, and spices. Red meat and chicken are not necessarily regular Mediterranean diet staples; however, they are in moderation. Minimal processing keeps our recipes simple and preserves ingredients' viablility, from legumes and high-quality proteins to nuts, grains, fruit, and olive oil. 




Health Benefits of The Mediterranean Diet

Much research is available on the essential health benefits of today's Mediterranean diet. Consuming the right amount of carbs, fresh vegetables, healthy fats, fruits, nuts, and modest amounts of protein is shown to:

  • Reduce the Risk of Heart Disease
  • Help with Weight Loss
  • Lower Risk of Stroke
  • Manage Type 2 Diabetes
  • Reduce Blood Pressure
  • Reduce LDL Cholesterol Levels

As will all food choices or dietary plans, consult your doctor on what's best for you.


Why the Mediterranean Way of Eating Works

Most doctors and nutritionists would agree the Mediterranean Way of Eating is not restrictive like so many "diets" today; instead, it encourages a wide variety of fiber-rich and protein-packed options. Because you don't feel like you deny yourself the foods you like to eat, the Mediterranean Way of Eating is easy to make a long-term lifestyle choice. Furthermore, allowing yourself a treat or glass of wine every once and a while keeps your diet interesting.


Final Thought on the Mediterranean Way of Eating

We love the Mediterranean Way of Eating because it features so many foods and so many flavors! You can count on Pita Jungle always offering fresh food made from scratch daily. So, if you're searching for a diet without deprivation and restrictions, join the Mediterranean Way of Eating. All that is missing now is cheers, and a couple of raised red wine glasses, (in moderation, of course) the perfect complement to the #1 Way of Eating!


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